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Chasing The American Dream

August 23, 2008


When I moved to Coconut Grove almost 3 years ago, the Grove was vibrant and happening. But for whatever reason, people and business are moving out. For lease and for rent signs are all over the place. It's time for me to leave as well. The straw that broke the camel's back was when Starbucks closed. Imagine that? I'll be moving to a hip village called Brickell. Pix and stories to come.


August 19, 2008


photo courtesy of NY Times

Man, that first week of the Olympics had all the riveting drama one could want in a TV program. Michael Phelps and the U.S. Swim Team were truly amazing. Plus, we got to watch the events live. But now that it’s all over, current programming seems like a huge letdown. Not only are we watching taped events from the prior day, but we’re also watching events like trampoline, table tennis, and women’s gymnastics in which the Americans outperform the Chinese yet get out judged. {Yawn} So is that it for Olympic drama? Come back, Michael.

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August 06, 2008


When I started this b-l-o-g almost four years ago, I had just learned the meaning of the word. I liked it. I liked doing something new and different, and when I told people, “I have a blog,” they looked at me sideways and usually uttered something to the effect of, “A what?” I like being ahead of the curve rather than being a bandwagon jumper. Blogging was new and evolving.

Well we all know by now that today’s a different story. Blogs are everywhere. Every category is covered. Every newsperson has one. A ton of celebrities probably do as well. I can’t seem to go a day without hearing the once unheard of word ‘blog.’ It feels different now. The concept is stale to me and old-hat. Blog. Everyone has a blog. Every website seemingly has one. I’m no longer ahead of the curve but part of the masses. And that’s disappointing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna write because I need to for my own self preservation and sanity. But to me, the concept and the word b-l-o-g are passé.