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Chasing The American Dream

June 14, 2008


photo courtesy of Reuters

At the time of the 2000 presidential election, I was living in no man's land. Coudersport, Pennsylvania. Population, a robust 2650. I'm sure most of us remember that riveting election night where the results boilded down to my home state of Florida. Before the night began, Tim Russert called it. He told Tom Brokaw the focal point of the night would be Florida, Florida, Florida. He was right as he often was. His basic common-man explanation of the confusing election returns was captured on his low legendary white board. I'm glad I chose to watch NBC and Tim that night. Perhaps I was biased having lived in his hometown of Buffalo, NY for three years. But he broadcasted with no fluff, and told it like it was.

I've been a fan since and the news of his death left me shocked and saddened. I really looked forward to watching Tim during this year's highly anticipated presidential election. Like millions of other Americans, I will miss him.



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