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Chasing The American Dream

January 05, 2007


Life, I’ve concluded, is a test. Not just one test but and endless and unprogrammed one. Situations and circumstances arise everyday and we’re forced to make choices. Life’s tests. Sometimes we make excellent choices and give ourselves A’s. Other times we make horrible choices and deserve F’s. As I look back on this past year, it’s time to reveal my report card for 2006.

Dating: F. Once again, I was aggressive in my search. I can’t argue that I didn’t have my opportunities, but the results were horrendous. Promising beginnings ended up horribly. Some, I’ve written about. Others have yet to be written. I guess in summation, I got dumped by a self-proclaimed MILF, I got badly used by a model, and I badly misjudged an uptown girl (unwritten story). And I wrote about countless other online disasters. I got so fed up, I canceled my online dating sites and stopped dating all-together in October. RESOLUTION. I’m going to continue my dating fast. Fast not as in speed but as in abstinence. I’ve truly lost my desire to date. I’ve been pushing hard for three years now with little to show for it so I’m going to take a step back. I actually feel good about this. I’ve finally realized that, for me, it’s OK to be alone. After the divorce I felt like the clock was ticking and I had to act quickly before I got “old.” It’s been a wild ride, but I now know this isn’t the case. I know I don’t necessarily HAVE to find a special someone. So there. I said it. I mean, you guys have been telling me for a long time now that I’ll probably find someone when I stop looking so hard. Something tells me you’re right about that. It may make for a boring year for blogging, however.

HUMA: F. You know what this is, right? It’s pronounced WHO-ma. An acronym for Head Up My Ass. And I had this affliction far too long as hinted above. What kills me most is making the same mistake twice in life. That’s what happened with the model and there’s really no excuse for it. Shame on me. RESOLUTION. I think abstinence will help me avoid HUMA. But eventually, the tests will come and I will have to make choices. Please Plantation, no HUMA this year.

Fatherhood: B+. Andy and I had many great times together. I’m hoping he can have more confidence in me as a father to talk to and discuss what’s on his mind. RESOLUTION. I guess I need to keep doing what I’m doing. I think as he gets older he’ll hopefully rely on me as a parent for help and guidance. I won’t include moving to Arizona a resolution here but I am continually exploring the option so you never know.

Work: B. No complaints here. It was a rather calm year. My only beef really is that I got no significant raise or bonus. I got to travel overseas for the first time in my life. RESOLUTION. Status Quo.

Stability: A. I needed this. I had the same job and I didn’t move. It’s been years since this has happened and I sorely needed it. RESOLUTION. This one is tough to control but again, tests may come and tough choices may have to be made.

Health: B. I might have given this one an A, but I dropped my exercise regimen about two months ago. The doctors say I’m healthy at least. RESOLUTION. Get back into my running and workout routines. Cut out sweets and junk food and eat healthier. I’m sure everyone has this on their resolution list.

Sleep: B+. I’m continually making progress here. Long gone are the months where I only got 100 hours of sleep. I’m getting 6 or 7 hours a night now which is great. My blog suffers though because I’m not up at all hours of the night writing. RESOLUTION. Devote more of my sleep time to my bed and not my couch.

Writing: C. Blog-wise, I certainly wrote my share although writer’s block cropped up at year’s end. Book-wise, I didn’t make much progress and that’s unacceptable. RESOLUTION. Make my book a priority this year and finish it by mid-year so that scripts and book summaries can be sent out to perspective agents. Blogging may suffer but I really need and want to finish this project. It’s my #1 goal for the year. Wish me luck.


  • The only one that matters (in my opinion) is - Fatherhood: B+.
    For me, work, dating, even sleep, can take a back seat when it comes to FAMILY. Maybe it's the Italian in me :)

    On another note, I don't think grading yourself like this is healthy, is it? Seems a bit harsh. Everything in 2006 should be an A+ because you lived it, experienced it, learned and went on.

    By Blogger catsteevens, at 5:05 PM, January 05, 2007  

  • I'm with Cat - grading makes us awfully hard on ourselves. I wake up every morning and say to myself, "Something wonderful is going to happen today." I don't remember when I started doing this - maybe in my early teens - but I do remember that a few years ago I thought, What a fool, Elizabeth. Nothing in particular is going to happen to you on this ordinary day in this ordinary part of an ordinary city. After a few months of depressing thoughts like this, it dawned on me that something wonderful does happen every day of my life. Life happens.

    Good luck on your writing! More importantly, best to you and Andy - I hope you both have a wonderful year!!

    By Blogger Elizabeth Krecker, at 1:04 PM, January 06, 2007  

  • I'll bet you a lot of money that Andy would give you at least an A (probably an A+) in parenting.

    By Blogger A, at 4:24 PM, January 06, 2007  

  • I agree with others, you are living a full life, give yourself an A.

    You can't get a hit if you don't get up to bat. In love and life, no one needs to keep a batting average. ...

    By Anonymous buster, at 6:48 PM, January 08, 2007  

  • The dating game is horrendous anymore, with somany strange twists and turns unless your friends happen to introduce you to someone. I'd put the "self proclaimed MILF" behind me and focus on working out! The right woman is out there. I believe this for myself!

    By Blogger Michael Manning, at 10:06 PM, January 08, 2007  

  • A kid that loves you, and a B+ from yourself, your own harshest critic?

    Yeah, you get an A.

    By Anonymous Emily, at 12:24 PM, January 10, 2007  

  • You sleep now??? Geez, I remember way back when you couldn't even get yourself to lay in that bed :) Glad to hear things have changed.

    As far as the Daddy score - you know dang well your head of the class in that department - as well as your son does.

    Finally, start running again!!! Geez Florida, you know I have to wait months to get back out there and you can go every single day if you want - so do it.

    As always, take care T


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:57 PM, January 10, 2007  

  • And furthermore (hey, I gotta say it all since I don't stop by all too frequently :)) FINISH THE DAMN BOOK !!! I am planning on using as a reference guide during my chase.....



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:25 PM, January 10, 2007  

  • I was just wondering how you were coming on your book and there was the answer. Keep at it, but let it be inspired. If you push too hard, all you'll get is crap that you'll edit out (you know this) but writing a little everyday can make astounding things come out of you and can keep it active and in the forefront of your mind!! (I say this as an unpublished author-wanna be so take it as you will!!!)

    By Blogger Amy, at 4:09 PM, February 19, 2007  

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