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Chasing The American Dream

November 16, 2005


I think I may have just wasted one month out of my life. For the past four weeks, I think I made a valiant effort at studying for this lousy exam. 75%. Easy enough, right? That’s all I need to pass. I dunno, three out of four is harder than one would think. There were 125 multiple-choice questions. We were given 3 ½ hours, but I didn’t’ want to spend more than 45 or 50 seconds per question. I just didn’t want to mull over each question going back and forth changing my mind. The test started at 8:30 so I wanted to be done by no later than 10:15.

I think I got off to a good start, but as I turned to page 8 for question 39, I realized my brain had already had it. It was only 9:15 and I wasn’t even a third of the way. I was tired and bored. Not a good sign. Now, instead of this being an exam, it was almost like a marathon to me. I wondered how the heck I was gonna be able to answer another 80 some-odd questions. I really hit a dry spell in the middle. None of the material was familiar and I felt the word, “pass,” flying out the window. I was hoping to get on a hot streak and get about 10 or 15 in a row that I knew. The streak never came, and I became disinterested. I barely even read those really long questions. I tried to buckle down and get the last 10 right, but couldn’t do it. Too many unfamiliar questions requiring guesses.

I kinda laughed to myself as I buzzed out of there before 10:15. No one had else had finished. Too bad this wasn’t really a marathon, I would have won. So now I just sit and wait two months to find out if I passed. Honestly, it will be close. If I don’t make it, I’m not sure I can do this again. I don’t think I can prepare any better or know the material much better. It’s disappointing. I used to be such a good test taker back in college. Aaah, but that was many a year ago, and this old brain just can’t retain accounting-related minutiae anymore. Song lyrics and bands yes, but not anything work-related. I think it’s time to hang up the old test-taking badge because after taking this exam today, I think I agree with what Sgt. Murtaugh (Danny Glover) once said in Lethal Weapon, “I’m too old for this shit.”


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