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Chasing The American Dream

January 12, 2005


Well, I leave for the airport in four hours. Wish me luck. Interestingly, spoke to the 'ex' tonight. She said she was nervous. I'm not in the least. In fact, I'm confident, and I'm ready for it to finally be over.

Tks again for all the Readers' Choice suggestions. I've got a tough assignment ahead of me. I plan on writing on the plane and am looking forward to the challenge.


  • Hello Todd, I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I am a first time visitor, but I will be back. Hope your trip is going well...

    By Blogger Chuck, at 1:24 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • Chuck, not sure how you found me, but thanks large (my standard Bugs Bunny line) for the compliment. Glad you're enjoying it. Roll Tide!

    By Blogger Plantation, at 1:46 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • ok clown (yes plantation that would be you) here it is ... and i am going to give you the sugarcoated version ... for it is obvious to me , ( as well our fellow bloggers) that you are ... in laymans terms ... a giant pansy. let's look at the facts jack ...talking about how much sex you have with a woman for all others to see ... is how shall i put this ? classless to the Nth degree. might be time to grab a life pal ... then maybe the women that you aspire to conquer will not perceive you as the spineless jellyfish that you come across as . must really suck to "never get the girl". dude , stop blaming them!!!! its you, man ...IT'S ALL YOU . my suggestion : reread your blog site. salvation lies within.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:50 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • sorry, have to agree with the previous post. On the bright side; you write very well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:45 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • Anons, score one (two?) for the opposition. But I must say, the 'timing' of your comments and the fact that you leave no name has me suspicious. Hmmm.

    By Blogger Plantation, at 5:11 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • Sir, most of us, men, are on to you. We know your little blog here is just a way for you to meet women. You're using the oldest tricks in the book. It's amazing these women get hooked by this. Just shows how many gullible people are floating out there.

    Also, your entry on the FedEx experience could have used a serious content editor. Sir, you are far from being a writer. In fact, your listed profession (Accounting) is more along the lines I would have guessed, based on your quality of writing and choice of subjects.

    I suggest, if you wish to write, you give up your Grishams and pick up literature.

    Trevor Horne

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:13 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • Hey, I linked to this Zach Braff blog you have listed...what the feck is that? Who is this guy? I have no idea. Is he an actor?
    Totally mediocre. Reads more like something out of Entertainment Tonight or that other piece of shite Extra/Extra.
    Is this what people like?

    I'm fecking out of touch man...

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 10:18 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • Looks like you're startin' to get slammed. Welcome to the world of writing.

    At least you're not getting stalked.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 10:20 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • I think I'll play it safe and just wish you luck and safe travel, Plantation.

    By Blogger A, at 12:28 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Everyone's a critic.

    Tood, good luck on your trip. You are in my thoughts. Looking forward to what you have written once you have returned home!

    Have a safe journey!

    By Blogger Amanda, at 12:32 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Amanda, I see 3 critical comments out of 11 (so far). Hmm...27%. Looks like NOT EVERYONE is a critic.

    By the way, PT...just saw "Sideways." Feckin' terrible, man. Total intellectual masturbation. Elitist bullshite wine-tasting jokes. Alexander Payne is so over-rated. I was disappointed. Giamatti is stellar in "American Splendor." I even liked him better in "Big Momma's House." And THAT'S saying something...

    And Thomas Hayden Church...I suppose Wings is fabulous for the resume, but not much else.

    Anyway, don't know if you've seen it; if you haven't, wait for it to pop up on Netflix. Save your $10.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 12:48 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • take no prisoners, especially when you have your foot on her throat.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • I hope you realize that those three critics were the same troll.

    It does feel good when it's all over. Maybe you could share that good feeling with us upon your return.

    By Blogger Jewels, at 5:28 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Jewels, as one of the 'anons'; I assure you that at least one of the 'three' critics is a seperate troll-like entity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:48 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Why is it that you guys are so bollix about criticism? When you put your shite out there, you better expect some arrows coming your way.

    And, also...it's usually women who bitch about critics. I say USUALLY, so keep the dogs back in check.

    In any case, PT and I have talked about this; he expects to be blasted from all sides.

    "All a yous" who want to be writers better thicken up your skins. There's nothing but rejection out there. Prepare to fight.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 5:48 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • well said Robotnik

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • ...and by the way, there were only two anons. The other gave his name at the end of the post. I think some people just don't want to sign up with Blogger--so they comment as Anon.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 7:11 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • LX:

    I saw Sideways and enjoyed it very much. I would say if you considered it 'Elitist bullshite wine-tasting jokes'...you missed the point....oh, well to eaxh their own

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:25 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • The point of Sideways was, indeed, understood. I stand by my OPINION. Careful when using the ol' patronizing "you just didn't get the point" argument. It makes one sound quite the wine-drinking-elitist snob obscurantist. By any chance, you don't happen to own a black turtleneck?

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 8:33 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Oh my, the controversy.


    I, for one, love your blog & have absolutely no qualms about admitting that.

    Good luck this weekend, and I can't wait to hear your update when you're back!

    By Blogger girl from florida, at 9:29 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Big balls. Big balls, indeed!

    Moves repeatedly to get away from the wife, his child and his responsibilities. And then, in public, complains when he is called on the carpet by his readers. Brags about the women he bangs and then complains when he doesn't want to be seen in public with them.

    Pathetic loser.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:04 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • No wonder she's nervous. She probably wonders when she will be financially raped by you again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:09 PM, January 12, 2005  

  • Jeez, I leave Plantation for one day and all hell breaks loose. Can't leave you guys alone for one minute!

    By Blogger Plantation, at 12:05 AM, January 13, 2005  

  • We are the dogs of hell. And I like it.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 7:35 AM, January 13, 2005  

  • LXR ... You don't know who Zach Braff is and you hated Sideways? I weep for you.

    Plantation. Funny how anons will diss, yet keep on reading!

    By Blogger La Chat Noir, at 8:49 AM, January 13, 2005  

  • PT, good luck this weekend. I'll be thinking about you and hoping that all goes well. Sorry about the crap above. I think your work is great and i look forward to new posts.

    I will try to ignore the Roll Tide comment though...more like War DAMN Eagle!! Thanks again for all the advice.

    By Blogger Elle, at 11:11 AM, January 13, 2005  

  • Black Cat: don't weep for me...'cause I'm beautiful!!

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 4:55 PM, January 13, 2005  

  • Wow. Well good luck as I've said. You know you're doing well when everyone else suddenly starts to despise you...or at least that's how I see it, in order to keep my sanity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:01 PM, January 13, 2005  

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