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Chasing The American Dream

January 09, 2005


OK guys (figurative term not literal). It's 4 am and I've been doing some thinking. And some calculating (I hope Robotnik knows I write conversationally and realize that not all my sentences are complete and gramatically structured per Strunk & White). I've been blogging for seven weeks now. To date, not counting this one, I have written 37 posts (forgive me, this numbers thing is the CPA in me). The subject matter breakdown is as follows:

Dating 11
About Me 10
Life Observations 6
TV/Music 4
Book subjects 4
Work 2

Although my book is obviously 'about me,' I have surprisingly and unknowingly written only four posts directly related to the book. When I started this blog, I figured I'd spend half my time giving you sneak previews. Hmm. Most of the stuff I've written is really post-book, time or chronologically speaking. Unless of course, I decide to include some of it, and I may just do that.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that I've spelled out all I've written about thus far. You all know I'm going away next week for the Big D, and I'll have plenty to write about when get back. But for now, I was wondering what you wanted me to write about next? That's right, I'm calling it Readers' Choice. Majority rules although I'll probably only get three comments. So, what'll it be? Whatcha want me to write about next???


  • I'm sitting bored stupid waiting for my broken leg to heal and while flicking through the 'blogs' came across yours and it left me smiling, Thank you.

    As for requests, I'll happily read your next post regardless. I've just been back through your archives and enjoyed them all (has the parcel arrived?)

    In the meantime :- Play hard and sleep innocently

    By Blogger Rex Mottram, at 4:40 AM, January 09, 2005  

  • I enjoy readings that include other's upbringing and how that has made them who they currently are. Raw material that shows that you are normal. That you love, hurt and are inspired.Here are a few questions to ponder...

    What is your life really about? What is your purpose?

    If you were to fully live your life, what is the first change you would start to make?

    What's your favorite way of sabotaging yourself, and your goals?

    By Blogger Amanda, at 7:55 AM, January 09, 2005  

  • A, sounds like a rather serious post. I guess I'm due for one of those, but how come when I read your questions, my first thoughts are rather sarcastic? For example, "raw material that shows I'm normal." Problem with that is, in my mind, I'm abnormal. See what I mean? Forgive me. My brain is not working properly since I have not gone to sleep yet and it's now 8 am here, but what do you mean by sabotaging myself?

    I do have some initial answers to your questions. I'll hold off until we get more comments. Tks for you input, as always.

    By Blogger Plantation, at 8:15 AM, January 09, 2005  

  • RM, thanks for the compliments. Hope you're back on your feet soon...PT

    By Blogger Plantation, at 8:16 AM, January 09, 2005  

  • Well, you've sucked me in and inspired me. I posted on my blog today and made a new commitment. So thanks for that.

    I also think I understand your dating dilemma. Remind me another time and I'll give you my spin on the "let's be friends" thing.

    As for what you should write about? I think you should go with what feels important to you on any given day. And screw Strunk & White. I used to think my writing style was a combo of Salinger and Fitzgerald. Now *that* is funny!

    By Blogger Jewels, at 10:08 AM, January 09, 2005  

  • I think "screw Strunk & White" is not such great advice to an aspiring writer hoping to shop a book around to agents and later to publishers.

    I know people say a blog is just a blog is just a blog, but my take is, if you're going to write, then write properly. No?

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 12:43 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • Hey, Robotnik...yes indeed...write correctly. Why could it, oh, my, yes...you spelled "bryll cream" wrong on one of your posts. Happens to the best of us, dude!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:20 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • Neither version of brill/bryll is in the dictionary.
    We might be both wrong/right.
    That's how it goes.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 4:17 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • or...brylcreem...but never, brill cream.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:21 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • Robotnik, Brylcreem, created in 1929 in Birmingham, England...'a little dab'l do ya'...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:34 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • Anon, where can I get some? Or...Dapper Dan.
    Or is the latter fictitious?

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 7:09 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • So I take it you 2 want me to write about Brylcreem...

    By Blogger Plantation, at 7:14 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • Hello,

    I randomly hit, "NEXT BLOG" on my blog and boom, up you came. I read it and I enjoy your site. I'll be back. I love the way you did your Wilson post. Wonderfully done.

    By Blogger Junesquad, at 7:34 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • As Bugs Bunny would say, "Thanks large" Chaas for the compliments. Welcome aboard!

    By Blogger Plantation, at 8:22 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • Eight things Plantation should write about:
    1. Subway (restaurant or mode of transportation)
    2. Alarm clocks (love? hate? on radio, beep or CD? how many times for the snooze button, on average?)
    3. Tattoos
    4. Diminutives (have any? give any?)
    5. Favorite dictionary
    6. Sailing
    7. The strangest/most embarrassing book you've ever read
    8. Marshmallow peeps


    By Blogger A, at 9:23 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • A with a Y, will you please pass me some of those drugs you're taking?

    By Blogger Plantation, at 9:48 PM, January 09, 2005  

  • I got nothing...

    By Blogger La Chat Noir, at 9:03 AM, January 10, 2005  

  • Cell phones
    Ordering drugs online
    Hand Sanitizer
    Diet Coke

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:55 AM, January 10, 2005  

  • 1. Bryll Cream vs. Brill Cream (do it Kramer vs. Kramer style)
    2. Why people feel the need to talk to me on airplanes
    3. The benefits of A's drugs
    4. The deeper meaning of Cheech-n-Chong's lyrics: "my momma talkin' to me tryin' to tell me how to live, but I don't listen to her 'cause my head is like a sieve"

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 11:08 AM, January 10, 2005  

  • Robotnik, you can buy the "bryl" at elydrugs.com for a mere $4.03...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:10 PM, January 10, 2005  

  • I would like to know what genius suggested to you that you might want to start a blog. Clearly she is some sort of insightful visionary.


    By Blogger Esther Kustanowitz, at 4:48 PM, January 10, 2005  

  • Wow, quite a mish-mash. I'll have a lot to think and write about on the plane. Looking forward to it, however. Tks for everyone's participation once again.

    By Blogger Plantation, at 9:20 PM, January 10, 2005  

  • Amanda you silly girl! :)

    You should write about:
    -your first sexual experience
    -any weird kinky sex secrets you have
    -something really, really embarrassing
    -the weirdest food you love
    -the most romantic date you've ever taken someone on
    -your favorite place you've traveled. with details.
    -your child.

    this is fun! We should assign topics more often.

    By Blogger girl from florida, at 10:53 PM, January 10, 2005  

  • GFF, you crack me up. I think you need to go 'exercise' now. PS, did you know I'm a Gator?

    By Blogger Plantation, at 11:03 PM, January 10, 2005  

  • Your take on South Asian women as dating prospects would make an interesting post.

    By Blogger BridalBeer, at 8:02 AM, January 11, 2005  

  • No, I just thought of the perfect one:
    Your experience with mail-order brides from Ukraine
    (get busy, remember Red?)

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 8:49 AM, January 11, 2005  

  • Yes, you told me! You should definitely do a post about your wonderful years in Gainesville :)

    By Blogger girl from florida, at 9:29 AM, January 11, 2005  

  • i would like to here your thoughts on sarah jessica parker.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:33 PM, January 11, 2005  

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