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Chasing The American Dream

October 22, 2006


I've been told if I didn't have any bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. I was reminded of that statement tonight while driving back from comedy show (review forthcoming). On my way to the show, I was running a bit late but was making good time during my 45-minute drive. I was about five minutes from the venue when I saw the flashing red lights and downed gates. Frickin' train. While waiting for the seemingly endless train, I sat and wondered how many other routes I could have taken to avoid this damn train. Tick, tick, tick; time was a wasting. Ten minutes doesn't seem so long when you view it in words, but when you're waiting for a train and you're about to miss your comedy show, it may as well been a year. Thankfully, the train ended, the gates went up, and I made it to the show on time.

I had completely forgot about the train incident. That is, until I approached the very same intersection some three hours later. Would you believe??? I mean what are the odds???


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