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Chasing The American Dream

May 09, 2006


I think it’s time to pull the plug on what was once an interesting concept for a TV show. The idea of finding America’s best amateur singer was compelling, and I think we found her in Kelly Clarkson. Kelly was miles above the rest of the competition. And now look at her, wow. Like her or not, she can really sing.

Seems to be, the singers have gotten worse and worse. The overall winners less and less impressive. I haven’t watched American Idol much this season. I try to pay attention to who is in the competition. Tonight, I watched. It’s hard to believe that these four people are America’s best. Based on one show, I liked the dude Chris, an Ed Kowalczyk (lead singer for Live) look-alike.

But I think the problem with the show may not be with the singers but with the producers. These theme nights don’t seem to work for me. I guess you have to be well-rounded for the producers to think you’re a good singer. You have to be able to sing disco, country, oldies, soul, Elvis, etc. Why? Why can’t they just allow the singers to sing what they’re best at? Allow them to be their best and not force them into a genre that makes no sense whatsoever. Take tonight, for example. It was “Elvis” night. There are three male contestants and one female. How in the world is that fair for one Katharine McPhee? It wasn’t. She was predictably terrible. Can you imagine Simon Cowell asking Luciano Pavarotti to sing an Elvis or a Donna Summer song, for example?

The judges acts are getting old, too. Randy “Dog” Jackson’s jive schtick, Paula Adbul’s happy clapping, and Simon’s British babble. And how about the real judges, the American public? Are they voting for the best singer or is it really a popularity contest? I hope this is the last season for Idol. The format and the talent are watered-down, and the show is truly running on Idle.


  • Finally someone said it!

    By Blogger what?, at 9:40 PM, May 09, 2006  

  • Have you seen the website votefortheworst.com or something like that? They campaign to keep the worst contestant around.

    I hate that show. I used to love it. They overplay everything.

    By Anonymous Emily, at 10:20 PM, May 09, 2006  

  • They voted off everyone that CAN sing.....because Mandisa was fantastic. That girl can sing!

    By Blogger catsteevens, at 5:49 PM, May 10, 2006  

  • Wow that was harsh lol I actually think this is some the the most unique talent they have had in the last few years. I for one am pulling for Taylor. Also, you neglected to mention Carrie Underwood from last year whos success has been absolutely phenomenal in the Country music Industry. Cheesy or not I like Idol, but I do agree about theme nights...the only two I have enjoyed have been the 50's era and the Big Band Classics because there are more of a selection of songs to choose from. The best part about television though...you can alwayc change the channel ;o)

    By Anonymous Christa, at 11:31 AM, May 12, 2006  

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