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Chasing The American Dream

May 08, 2006


I guess it's all about winning and not necessarily the prize. I mean, I don't think a Plantation CD is very valuable. But I give our winner credit. He/she clicked my little blog 54 times between 11:10 and 11:20 p.m. Unfortunately, I can't identify the specific state they came from. It looks to be Virginia on the statcounter map. Well, if you know who you are, send me your info and I'll mail you the CD. The runner up is from Mt. Laurel, NJ who I think is a regular. So send me your info too, Mt. Laurel in case mystery state doesn't identify themselves.

I want to thank everyone for just being a part of this little ol' blog. I'm really grateful. We'll celebrate again when/if I reach 50,000 readers. Hits are one thing, but it's the reads that count in my book (no pun intended). We're nearing 35,000 on the reader count, so it's likely the New Year 2007 will arrive sooner than reader #50,000.

And btw, I picked out my new frames. Oakley Soft Tail. Like 'em?


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