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Chasing The American Dream

February 05, 2006


Today my dear friends is someone’s special day,
I heard it thru the grapevine that she liked my way
Of putting together words and phrases,
Perhaps overboard on my blogging pages.

I was personally asked not to give it away,
No saying things like, “it’s only a week a way.”
So for once in my life, I’ve kept my mouth shut,
When I tell you who it is, you’re gonna kick my butt.

For this person in question we all know quite well,
Said it was OK, if I eventually tell.
But not before February, day number five,
Anything before and I may not survive.

While I’m at it, let’s narrow the field.
By process of elimination, the name will be revealed.
The person is a blogger who’s listed on this sight,
When you read the last stanza, you’ll see the light.

The logical choice is plain to see.
Who else could it be but Miss Greek Tragedy?
I will give her this poem. This gift of mine.
But it won’t make sense. Her day is 9-29.

No Greek? Could it be? Are there no more contenders?
Doesn’t this beat one of those Mensa mindbenders?
OK, let’s start. Is she pretty and sexy?
Well yes she is, but it’s not my friend Lexy.

Allison, A(lyson), Alyssa, one of those ‘A’s ?
It's neither of them nor Denise nor Dazed.
So search the comments, you’ll find the name.
Find this Birthday star, and you’ll win this game.

Ahh then you’ve found it, it’s my
Urban Kvetch friend.
Nope, not her either. Do you see the trend?
Process of elimination. That should do the trick.

Scratch off another. It's not Jurischick.

Hurry up already! Ain’t I tease?
Maybe I’ll tell you now, if you say pretty please.
Enough already, am I making your hair curl?
How could we forget about the
Florida Girl?

Happy Birthday, uuhh no. Girl from Florida it’s not.
Are you starting to get mad, is your collar getting hot?
How ‘bout Amanda? The
Island Girl from UK?
Her day was a week ago, to this very day.

Elisa from Italy or Sarah from UK?
They're both overseas, but it's not their birthday.
Back to the states and the Big Apple per chance?
Is it Ari, Ken or Orchestrated Happenstance?

It could be but isn’t. So the question still lingers.
Is it the one from Houston, Extra Strenth Surfing Fingers?
Lori it's not, and we're running out of time.
How long can I keep going with this silly rhyme?

It’s down to the nitty gritty, let’s see where we’re at.
It’s none of the above nor the chic named Cat.
Her writing is amazing, she’s full of class.
Runs marathons, climbs rocks, the girl named Sass.

Nope it’s not her. This is fun keeping you at bay,
But it’s time I reveal who’s feelin’ special today.
OK I admit it. I’m no longer forty-three.
Cuz today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!


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