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Chasing The American Dream

January 25, 2006


Maybe my nightmare will be over soon. I noticed the truck on my way home from lunch today. I spent an hour yesterday yelling at countless Comcast phone analysts. My biggest frustration is that no one in that company seems to have any information to tell me. Yesterday, I demanded that someone call me last night to give me an update on the internet outage. Of course, I got no call. Further frustrating me was that I had to repeat the same stupid story over and over again when I know the case history must be in the notes in my account.

So I was all ready to yell at them again today when I noticed the truck. I ran, yes ran, over to that man you see on the cherry picker and asked him (nicely I might add) what was the problem and when they might fix it. He was nice. He apologized for the inconveniences, and he told me that the crew was not allowed to go home until they fixed the problem. Some sort of bad fiber optic line or something.

I have a feeling I won't see that truck when I get home, and I won't see all my little lights flashing on my modem when I get home either. I really miss my internet community. I can't express how important that is to me these days. And I'm sure you're getting tired of reading about this crap. Hopefully, it will be resolved tonight. Cross your fingers for me.


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