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Chasing The American Dream

July 02, 2005


…my thoughts from 35,000 feet high above Texas somewhere…

She was sitting next to me on the plane, and I noticed she was reading. I saw the book’s title and couldn’t help but smile. It was "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. I could only think of one thing, naturally…

I asked her how the book was and whether she was reading it for school or for pleasure. She told me she enjoyed the classics and was just reading it for pleasure. I asked her if she ever saw Garden State? Much to my surprise, she hadn’t. She’d heard of it though. I told her she simply must rent it. I told her there was a scene involving her book, but I didn’t want to spoil it for her so she’d just have to rent it and see for herself. I also told her the music soundtrack was awesome, too.

Then an idea hit me. I asked her what kind of music she liked. She gave me a typical “all kinds” response. So I asked her if she’d ever heard of The Shins? She said no. I told her to bear with me because I was going to act out one of the scenes from Garden State. I handed her my iPod and headphones and told her, “You gotta hear this one song, it'll change your life I swear.”

I watched her face like Samantha watched Andrew Largeman’s face as he listened to The Shin’s, "New Slang.” She nodded and smiled. She liked it. I told her to go ahead and listen to the other Shins songs I had on there. She liked them, too and said she was going to buy the CD *and* rent the movie.

It’s very rare that I converse with the person sitting next to me on an airplane. But it was enjoyable sharing music and talking about restaurant careers. Thanks Bridgette for letting me re-enact one of my all-time favorite movie moments.


  • Will you meet her on land? Will there be kissing whilst wearing ponchos in the rain?

    By Blogger BitchFestivus, at 10:22 PM, July 04, 2005  

  • Ok, I seriously need to watch this movie.

    By Anonymous Alexis, at 10:49 AM, July 05, 2005  

  • I agree. I also need to watch the movie. And check out the cd. I so am looking for inspiration. Life-changing. I do have a faith/belief in God. But, because of the daily and mundane parts of life, I need more. I feel like I am just treading water sometimes. I will check out more of your place. And, I will be back.

    So, I had to look it up. I am from South Florida (born and reared in Homestead). I was thinking Plantation Key. I did not realize that there was a Plantation in Broward Cty. I lived down in the Keys for my first eight years. I love heading back down there as much as I can. Well, take care.

    By Blogger Marel Lecone, at 12:13 PM, July 05, 2005  

  • Aww, how awesome! I'm so glad you had that great moment and got to share some great music. I'll have to check out The Shins myself.

    I finished the book I was reading on Sunday and went to grab a new one Monday afternoon. I ALMOST grabbed Brave New World and went for a recommendation from my roomie instead. Maybe Brave New World will be next.

    By Blogger Elle, at 5:34 PM, July 05, 2005  

  • Whenever someone tried to talk to me on a plane, I used to stick the newspaper closer to my face and grunt.

    And give out my name? Forget it.

    You must have been very charming.

    By Blogger Fred, at 5:55 PM, July 05, 2005  

  • Oh. How. Fun.

    That, PT, is a great story.

    By Blogger A, at 5:55 PM, July 05, 2005  

  • That is an awesome story! I have to say, Garden State changed my life. I went and bought the soundtrack the day after I rented it a few months ago. I bought the DVD the day it came out. Isnt Zach Braff making another movie too?

    By Blogger Belladollface, at 6:06 PM, July 05, 2005  

  • Welcome new readers Marel and BDF. I know I'll always be biased toward the movie, but it just came at the perfect time in my life. It was small, independent, and unknown at the time I saw it. I expected so little and got so much. The music was a bonus.

    BDF, I think Zach was working on an animated movie, Chicken Little.

    Fred, I usually have my nose in the paper, too but couldn't pass up that opportunity.

    Miss Elle, The Shins are great. Give 'em a shot.

    By Blogger Plantation, at 7:35 PM, July 05, 2005  

  • How bizarre. About an hour ago I bought 'Brave New World' because I never finished ( or started ) it when I was forced to try reading it in high school. Because of your post I am going to rent Garden State and check out the Shins on itunes.

    By Blogger Marie, at 1:46 PM, July 06, 2005  

  • I actually didn't like that exchange in the movie very much, although I adored the movie itself. On another topic, what did you do the rest of the flight? I find that when I talk to someone on an airplane, the difficult thing is to then ignore each him or her and get back to my book.

    By Blogger PepGiraffe, at 6:21 PM, July 06, 2005  

  • Marie, let me know what you think of the movie, the soundtrack, and The Shins.

    PG, good point. We actually had a nice chat about concerts, movies, careers, shared some more tunes, and before you knew it, the 2 hours were over. A very rare occurrence for me.

    By Blogger Plantation, at 9:29 PM, July 06, 2005  

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