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Chasing The American Dream

January 26, 2005


Nope. Not a reader's poll as to who's gonna win Best Picture. I'm willing to bet you'll find that elsewhere in cyberblogspace.

Just in case you missed my comment back there on King of Pain, I applaud your creativity. I loved the suggested revised titles of my book. So much in fact that I'm opening up the floor once again for your input. Hey, it's Oscar, Golden Globe, People's Choice Award season so let's join in on the fun. Let's have our own award to hand out.

Here's the deal. Please tell me, now that you all know me intimately, what you think the title of my book should really be called? To the victor goes the spoils. I'm offering the winner a free copy of my latest CD compilation chock full of cool alternative tunes. And, the winning title will receive guest status right here on this blog. For one week, I will change the title of this blog to the winning entry (if I can figure out how to change the template).

For those of you who have already submitted, I am taking those selections into account. Limit two suggestions per reader. Be creative. Be imaginative. Be me. I am the sole judge and jury cuz it's my party and I can cry if I want to. It's pretty safe to say that I love music. Movies are good, too. I love the entries I've read thus far. Right now, the leading contender is "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here Comes Plantation." So you all have your work cut out for you. Good luck. Hmm, when should we announce the winning entry? Oscar night?

Thanks for your readership and support.
CTAD Management.


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