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Chasing The American Dream

December 13, 2004


I've just returned from the company Holiday Party in Philadelphia. Thus far, I haven't said much about my company. I think you'll know my take after reading this. I'll say this. I don't really fit in because I'm too ethical and too honest for this company and for Corporate America as a whole.

As for the party, I would have to say that there was nothing that stood out about it. Standard office party fare. Nice setting (Four Seasons), fancy finger food, open bar, women wearing dresses they have no business wearing, boring tuxedo's, out-of-style disco music, bad dancing, brown-nosing, etc. Sound familiar? Toward the end of the event, a raffle ensued in which some really cool prizes were given away. $100 gift cards, trips to NY and Las Vegas, Ruth's Chris dinners, and electronics among others.

I didn't win anything, but other "lucky" people did. Were they lucky or did they have help? Like robbing Santa Claus or stealing from the bell-ringing Salvation Army lady, something was rotten in the State of Denmark. I learned from a source that they *had* help. Alas, the drawing was fixed for certain people to win the big prizes.

Say what? OMG, what have we come to? Is there nothing sacred anymore? I'm disappointed and ashamed. My resume will most definitely go out first thing Monday morning.


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