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Chasing The American Dream

November 28, 2004


I’ve had some unusual ‘streaks’ in my life. For you "Seinfeld" fans, remember the episode with the Chocolate Babka? Yeah, Jerry has this streak of something like 15 years without having thrown up. His streak ends when he eats a black and white cookie from the Babka bakery. I related to that episode because at the time, I had an amazing streak of 29 years without throwing up. The streak ended after a nauseous subway train ride home from a Buffalo Sabres hockey playoff game. I told my ‘ex’ I was not feeling good. The train ride lasted 20 minutes. Somehow, I managed to hold off until the second I got off the train, and then I lost it. 29 years down the drain.

This may be hard to fathom, but I had another streak broken recently. I had gone seven years without going to see a single non-kids movie. The last movie I had seen as in ’97 when I saw “As Good As It Gets.” Personally, I thought that movie was overrated. Ex-wifey and I never saw another movie together after that sans the Disney flix. Amazing, isn’t it? That was one of our problems, but I’m not going there just yet. Prior to having our son, I was one of those people who saw most every movie that came out. I’ve missed it. Heck, probably half of my conversational/spoken word (not to mention my writing) is based on movie quotes.

I knew the movie streak would end this year. I wanted to see a really good movie, and I wanted to see it with someone rather than seeing it alone. The streak did end. I saw a really bad movie (IMO) with a girl I met from JDate. The movie was called "The Forgotten." I wish I could, but it will always be *remembered* for being the streak breaker.

The next movie I saw was “Garden State,” and you know how much I loved that movie. Today, I saw another fantastic movie called "Sideways." Great effort. Paul Giamatti starred as a writer-wannabe. Can you guess why I liked it? Go see it. It was amazing. I love the feeling and euphoria of walking out of the theater after seeing a great movie. The itch is back, and I can’t wait to scratch it again.


  • Yea...Giamatti--great actor. Sideways is definitely one to see. People will recognize "Lowell" from Wings (Hayden-Church); he's good too. If you like Giamatti, see "American Splendor." Killer!

    I'm w/you on "As Good as it Gets." But...it was a film written and directed by James Brooks (of Terms of Endearment/Broadcast News/Taxi TV series/Simpsons fame among others) and Hollywood likes Brooks. I do too, actually. Like this post; more on movies please. This degreed film major whose diploma ain't worth the paper on which it's printed, would like to see commentary on other recent flicks you've seen.

    By Blogger Bubbles, Ink., at 9:14 AM, November 29, 2004  

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